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Among the match enterprises of Russia Cherepovets match factory - the youngest enterprise though should be much more senior.

After the ending of Great Patriotic War the country required not only steel, but also in bread, salts, matches. And in 1947 the decision on construction of Cherepovets match factory was accepted. The platform for construction was deduced on northern border of city of Cherepovets on a coast of the river Jagorby.

In the beginning of the fiftieth years the main case is constructed, but in connection with absence of the necessary match equipment, the builded factory was redesigned on construction of a plywood - trumpet factory. Further a factory "Plywood - detail", now plywood - furniture factory.

Repeatedly the decision on construction of match factory in city of Cherepovets was accepted in 1968. In March, 1971 construction is begun.
The rebirth of factory was not cloudless. It was supposed to equip factory with import automatic transfer lines, but was not lucky and this time. Purchase of lines of manufacture of matches was prevented by a drought of 1972 as then it was told: “All foreign currency reserves were directed on purchase of a grain”. As a result of it the factory was completed with the item equipment and put into operation 450 thousand conditional boxes of matches working September, 30, 1973 with capacity per one year and occupied on volume of manufacture one of last places in branch.

Within becoming at factory technical actions which have allowed to remove factory on more high level of manufacture of matches are carried out very many and to occupy one of conducting places. Many technical innovations for the first time took root into branches of manufacture of matches at Cherepovets match factory. So for the first time the line of manufacture of matches was introduced into branches on the basis of item match automatic device “Foit”. Are developed and introduced a high-efficiency line of impregnation - drying match splint, the grinding device match splint. Further the equipment introduced at Cherepovets match factory began to be issued by a machine engineering industry for equipment of other match enterprises. In eightieth years reconstruction of factory with input of five high-efficiency lines of manufacture of matches and other process equipment will be carried out. The factory leaves on the second place in branch on volume of release of matches.

In 1992 the factory became close joint-stock company and has registered name “FESKO” which designates the basic materials used in manufacture of matches:


In 90th years the second reconstruction of factory with replacement of the item equipment of match automatic devices by automatic transfer lines of the new concept of firm “Arenko” was carried out. The technology of two-colored or three-colored dry offset printing of a label, hydrothermal processing of raw material, reconstruction of some objects of factory, expansion of assortment is introduced.

Milliard boxes of matches the factory has let out the first February, 21, 1977, and in November, 2000 25-milliard boxes of matches. Is pertinent to result in this occasion a poem of Cherepovets poetess A. Novikovoj, devoted to Joint-Stock Company “FESKO”:

Match factory or Joint-Stock Company “FESKO” is simple:
Our collective also is amicable and rallied.
We have stood in difficult year
And we with pride shall enter new century,

We are young, but all it becomes clear,
On youth to us rates did not give
And from sixteen similar enterprises
We have won the second place.

We work assiduously and skilfully.
We shall win, only give term,
You see it is issued recently anniversary
25-milliard boxes!

Try to put against each other
All boxes that are made
And this spike will enter space is elastic,
It will get three times up to the Moon.


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