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Factory News № 11 from 02 December 2013

QMS Certification






Factory News № 11 from 02 December 2013

QMS Certification


In order to improve "FESKO" management system and bringing it into conformity with the international standard ISO 9001:2008 (GOST ISO 9001-2011) Director of factory have signed the order № 271, dated November 01, 2012, on the beginning of QMS development and implementation in the enterprise.

Responsible Management Representative on QMS and Responsible for work on QMS setting up and supervision, designated by the order, organized studies for managers and factory specialists under the Program of educational services, the "Quality Management System" course. Also we have developed a Program of activities for quality management system implementation which was prepared and approved by November 23, 2012.

Program on quality management system development and implementation contained 9 structured stages with rigidly fixed schedule of each point execution. We had to work on that points execution for the whole future calendar year.

Main QMS document, QUALITY POLICY, which describes "FESKO" main goal and factory management commitments was approved by the Minutes № 2 of the Coordinating Council meeting dated December 27, 2012, -

POLICY in the field of quality

By March 2013 the QMS implementation monitoring became necessary. So in accordance with the order № 72 dated March 14, 2013, internal auditors were brought out of the factory workers. In order to acquire necessary theoretical and practical knowledge they were trained according to a program of educational services, "Internal audits" course.

And in July 2013, in accordance with the Program for quality management systems development and implementation all the planned activities have been implemented –there were held trainings for managers, owners of processes and activities, internal auditors, processes have been identified and described, necessary documents and criteria have been developed, assessments have been held and reports have been made.

Thus, by the Order № 156 dated July 30, 2013 Director of the factory made a decision that "FESKO" quality management system have been developed and implemented.

But that was not the end for work on QMS. That time the factory was facing final stage – to prepare and to held certification audit of the QMS.

During 3 months factory stuff have been prepared for external audit, program of activities have been endorsed with the certificating authority, audit have been held.

Audit results were reflected in the act of quality management system certification audit in accordance with GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008), - namely, the absence of significant discrepancies.

And finally when all the proper documents were completed, we could celebrate the end of the "FESKO" QMS certification and receipt of the original certificates which were given by "Russian Register" OS QMS Certification Association.

QMS certificates
Certificate of management system conformity-IQNet Certificate-Certificate of conformity
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